Your grandmother’s advice about oil

collage-s-0002woman over stone wearing sky on head

Collage:  Our true relation to the world

(Art work on this blog is copyrighted.)

Ever at a loss for the right words?

Do you have close friends who are constantly having relationship problems or work problems?

Do any of them plead with their dates to call them?

Do any of them keep trying to get their spouse to pay more attention?

Do any of them take on more and more tasks at work hoping to get a raise?

Do any of them act the same way with their tiny dog, repeating “sit, sit, sit” as the animal rolls its eyes and yawns?

Have you spent forever trying to get them to stop humiliating themselves?

Do you wish you could finally get them to understand what a terrible situation they have put themselves in?

Ah, your grandmother could have put them straight in a minute.

A bit of Ladino to the rescue. Just tell them Freite en la aciete, y no demandes de la gente.

Using non-musical and woefully inadequate English, this stunning nugget of Sephardic wisdom translates into “Fry in oil before you beg.”

Try repeating Freite en la aciete, y no demandes de la gente to yourself all day as a kind of mantra.  Sing it even.  It does wonders for centering yourself.

Say it with conviction – while smiling! – and it could even clear your chakras.

Postscript:   This post if meant to be light-hearted but then a terrible thought occurred.  Was this expression derived from the pain of what people faced during the Inquisition and a means of teaching people to maintain their dignity at all costs? 


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