Sephardic pirates!

collage0011prince in profile with purse standing on ball

Collage:  Pirate

(Art work on this blog is copyrighted.)

And you thought Ladino was only spoken by grandmothers and lovers?

Watch this video on The Alhambra Deecree and how it led to Sephardic pirates

Then there is evidence that …

Jewish pirates saved Louisiana

Jean Lafitte’s diary states he was born in Port-Au-Prince, Saint Domingue, in 1782. His mother died the next year, so Jean and his siblings were raised by their grandmother, the Sephardic Jew Zora Nadrimal. She told them of her flight from Spain to France with their mother to escape the Inquisition, which tortured and murdered their grandfather Abhorad.  (The brothers later falsely claimed the Bordeaux region of France as their birthplace to snag French privateering credentials.)

Read what happened here, at this wonderful website.


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