While we were sleeping ….

collage-s-0013peaceful medieval woman in bedroom cat

Collage:  Making guests welcome

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The last post talked about a push for Yiddish potentially waking up Sephardics to their, in fact, deep personal connection to Ladino.  But because most Sephardics were asleep, we haven’t much noticed or seemed to care what was happening to it.

Fortunately, we have been blessed with angels who have been watching over us and our language.Rachel Amado Bortnick is definitely one of them.  By starting an online community of Ladino speakers, Ladino Komunitika, she came up with an incredibly effective – and very friendly! – means to create connections between remaining Ladino speakers worldwide.

She offered them a place to “speak” in Ladino and keep it alive across oceans.  And she has been warmly hosting this community for years.Mrs. Amado Bortnick’s Ladino Komunitika shares news, sends personal good wishes to those who are sick, and lets each other know about special Ladino related events happening around the world.

Meet a lovely angel for our language.

The Forward understates the blessing she has given us.

Meet America’s Internet Champion of Ladino

Rachel Amado Bortnick’s Push To Rescue Dying Language

Her Language: Rachel Amado Bortnick was the subject of the documentary ‘Trees Cry for Rain.’

Each year, languages slip into oblivion. Some say Ladino, or Judaismo, is on that path.

But a community of Ladino speakers thrives online, and songs enlivened with Ladino lyrics are surging in popularity in Israel and Latin America.

If you’d like to

We sleepy ones owe her a tremendous debt of gratitude for looking after us.


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