September 21: Sephardic Concert at the Library of Congress

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If you are in the DC area on September, don’t miss a very special concert celebrating Flory Jagoda.

There is no charge for performances at the Library of Congress, but reserved tickets are required.

The concert will celebrate the 90th birthday of Flory, internationally recognized as “keeper of the flame” for preserving, perpetuating, and expanding Sephardic music. At this once-in-a-lifetime event on the evening of September 21 at the Library of Congress in Washington DC, 20 distinguished musical colleagues of Flory and members of her family will join her on stage to perform the Sephardic songs that she has taught them in her quest to transmit her family’s musical heritage and keep it vibrantly alive.


FLORY’S FLAME will be footage from the upcoming CELEBRATION CONCERT of venerable singer and composer Flory Jagoda.

JEMGLO will be recording the concert, and we would love our friends to attend! Tickets can be reserved by phone at 1.800.838.3006.

JEMGLO, itself, is a wonderful, award-winning documentary film organization focused on subjects broadly related to global Jewish culture or associated with environmental topics. dedicated to the production of educational material on Jewish culture around the world.