What does that even mean?


Collage:  Child in a corporate culture

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The first post didn’t dilly dally around, did it?  It said that Ladino is the heart of Sephardic culture.  But heavens, what does that even mean?

In rummaging around looking for a Ladino saying that might help convey some sense of the meaning that language carries, I ran across Sephardic Proverbs by Michael Castro.  For him, language goes beyond mere words.

Proverbs …. articulated  the  unwritten  laws  of how to be and  how  to  see,  and represented the distilled wit and wisdom of Ladino, or  Judezmo, the medieval  Spanish with a dash of Turkish, Hebrew and  other  influences, spoken  as  the  main  language  in  Sephardic communities throughout the world until the devastation of the Holocaust.

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