Your thoughts create Ladino’s life

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The way forward is inside you

The last two posts – on the Vatican planning the Holocaust and on UNICEF sterilizing and killing North African Sephardic children – were about who was really behind the terrible things that were done to us.  The Vatican – the very entity that invented the horror of the Inquisition, first hidden behind the Nazis and then behind the UN which it controls.

This has implications for Ladino even now, because out of ignorance of the UN’s connection to the Vatican, and of UNESCO’s specific eugenic intent, Sephardic Jews are actually working with UNESCO around the collection of our books in Ladino.  An agency committed to a singe world culture?  We do not need their help.  Why are we giving anyone access to our private works, especially a agency of the UN, related to the Vatican, which killed the writers and owners of those books?  Why?  No Sephardic Jews should be sharing anything with UNESCO or submitting the children to anything UNICEF is recommending.

The intent of the UN is a single world government and in the service of that, they want everything catalogued, every animal tagged, every person identified, in a Nazi-on-steroids effort at maximal control.  That may be their plan but Sephardic Jews have a lot of reasons not to be helpful to them.

You can see that truthful negative information is crucial if we are to free ourselves from potentially more danger to our culture.

But it is not only negative truths that have been kept been kept from us, but the largest possible positive knowledge and about our own power.

As you listen to the following video, notice that the critical material we needed was removed from early religious texts.  It was removed by the Catholic Church.  And as you listen, think whether attending a conference about “disappearing languages” in reference to Ladino, or even using the term “disappearing language” in connection to Ladino wouldn’t be a devastating mistake.

Please forgive all the “shocking” messages.  The true messages are very meaningful.

This article encourages you to reject any agency other than yourselves.  And to use words that do not threaten Ladino’s existence by concretizing its demise, disappearance, death, etc.

Hold a non-Vatican, non-UN conference.

Hold a  conference just for Sephardics and lovers of Ladino, celebrating Ladino.  No language used there about dead or disappearing or dying.  Instead, a great deal of joy at all that has been accomplished and pleasure in all the good people.  Then,  take time to sit quietly there, sharing a wonderful feeling state about Ladino (and a feeling state shared is raised to the power of the number of people involved).  What state might that be?  The one that arises in picturing a child greeting an adult in Ladino.

That feeling state holds the key.